Colour is used to affect our mood or portray the desired outcome is no new thing. From brides wearing white to convey purity to Royalty wearing purple to show off there wealth and status (it literally being worth its weight in gold at the time).

So what does your bag colour say about you?


Black is a neutral colour that goes great as a day time bag or timeless and elegant as an evening clutch. It represents power and authority but can evoke strong emotions and too much black can seem dark and gloomy.

Navy:Tipperary Crystal Savoy Navy Satchel

We associate blue with open skies and vast seas. It has a calming effect on the mind on the body and it can represent loyalty, serenity, trustworthiness and sincerity. For these reasons, navy is a great colour to wear when you are doing a job interview or trying to conveys a sense of trustworthiness.

Blue is also an appetite suppressant…think my kitchen could do with a coat or two!

Orange:Tipperary Crystal Savoy Tan Satchel

Orange represents energy, joy and creativity. It promotes a  sense of general wellness and emotional energy and is great for times you need to be “on”.

Parties and creative events or even a girls night out is a perfect time to wear this vibrant and fun colour.


Brown is the colour of earth and stone. It has a grounding effect and is associated with home, healing, reliability, warmth, honesty and nature.

A great everyday colour that will keep you grounded in the here and now and let you face the world from a place of calm.


The colour white has long represented, purity (wedding dresses), safety (picket fences) and cleanliness (doctors coats). But white can be a cool and stylish everyday accessory too.

If you have a hectic day ahead of you wear some white to keep you calm and collected, too much however can make you seem cold and distant. It can purify the mind and help you re-set in the evening also.


Tipperary Crystal Grey Sicily Shoulder Bag

Grey is a timeless and sophisticated colour. Charcoal grey can be used instead of black for a less sombre look and light grey can be used instead of whites for a look that is less harsh.

Grey is also great for making other colours pop and come to life.

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